4D Ultrasound at Conway OB-GYN

The Latest and Most Exciting Way to See Your Baby's Face

See Your Unborn Child for the First Time

Welcoming your child into this world is an exciting experience. Seeing your child for the first time is a priceless moment, and waiting can feel like forever! Somewhere in the pregnancy journey, you want to get a glimpse of your unborn child.

See Your Baby's Face & Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat

Like regular ultrasounds, 4D ultrasound uses sound waves to produce the child’s image in your womb. Aside from seeing your baby’s face for the first time, 4D ultrasound can help check several variables when you’re pregnant, including your baby’s

  • Age
  • Development & growth
  • Heart rate & heartbeat
  • Position in your uterus

Why Choose 4D Over Regular Ultrasound?

Unlike other ultrasounds, 4D ultrasound lets you see your baby in action as it creates a live video effect like a movie. Imagine watching your baby smile or even yawn!

Parents love 4D ultrasounds as they let you see your baby’s face for the first time. But more than that, 4D ultrasound is also excellent for showing a better visualization of your child’s development.

Have Any Questions?

Please review our frequently asked questions below for answers to patients’ questions about 4D ultrasound.  Should you have additional questions, please contact us or bring a list to your appointment.

What happens during the procedure?

Like other ultrasound procedures, you’ll have to lie down, and the ultrasound technician will put a gel on your abdomen. The technician will then hold a transducer or probe against your stomach and move it around to get an image.

How long will a 4D ultrasound take?

Usually, a 4D ultrasound procedure lasts approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

When in my pregnancy should I get a 4D ultrasound?

The optimal time to perform it is towards the end of your second trimester or beginning of your third trimester, around 27 to 30 weeks into the pregnancy.

What is included with the 4D ultrasound?

These preferred scans also include pictures and a DVD so you can cherish the memory of the first time you saw your baby.

How much do 4D ultrasounds cost?

4D ultrasounds cost $125. Gift certificates are also available for this service if you’re a loved one who wants to provide the parents-to-be with an unforgettable gift!

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Conway OB-GYN has a certified ultrasound tech on staff that uses our new 4-D ultrasound machine for expectant mothers every day. Let us support you through your pregnancy journey!